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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 13, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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were related to arson. >> the captain says the sketch has also triggered more support from the neighborhood. >> neighbors plan to stay up and keep a look out during early morning hours. others are taking actions to fix street lights that are out and keeping their holiday lights lit for now. >> i think it is a good idea k. -- it always helps to keep your neighborhood safe. i guess the police are stepping up patrolling more, too. so that's all good. >> reporter: this fire has caused a lot of concern among the firefighters as well because they risk their livesser time p oneover these fires starts. so the firefighters union is offering a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the arsonist. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez kpix 5. >> investigators warn arsonist
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is considered dangerous. if you see anything suspicious, don't try to take matters into your own hands. call police. fire season was supposed to end three months ago. but it is january pane we're still talking fire danger. meteorologist-- and we're still talking fire danger. meteorologist paul deanno has more. >> reporter: if the ground doesn't get water, fire season continues. rainfall hasn't happened in the past couple months. we have a fire weather alert. we have a red flag warning in the north bay and east bay hills. the ground is as dry as if it was the middle of the simmer. humidity levels will be very low. winds will be gusting 15 to 30 miles per hour. how dry has it been? the driest calendar year on record. been there. done that. now we are talking about the potential for the driest january. the driest was way back in
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1920. so far this month, only .30 of an inch of rain and there is none coming up in sight. kpix 5's don ford tells firefighters in the east bay they were on alert tonight. >> the winds have been blowing. they have had almost a year to dry out since the last real rain. combined with such warm temperatures. >> i have never seen anything like it this late in the year. >> it is so dry and with wind gusts 25 miles per hour, even though it is supposed to be winter, the national weather service is declaring a red flag warning. red flag means extreme fire danger. >> the east bay regional firefighters are on high alert. >> the significant fire history, seeing this in the middle of january like this is unusual. we are doing patrolling, educating the public. we also increased staffing due to the elevated fire
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conditions. >> firefighters are asking folks not to smoke and not build any campfires. but the high, dry winds have another side, too. incredibly the clear blue skies. today, from grizzly peak road you get a rare view alcatraz, the golden gate bridge and the islands all at once. >> reporter: firefighters say this dry wind will continue blowing throughout the night. the red flag warning doesn't expire until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. in the east bay hills, don ford kpix 5. >> thank you, don. we have all been talking about this big ridge of high pressure causing our dry weather. we will talk about if that ridge will impact the nfc championship game in seattle. that's coming up in about 10 minutes. >> thanks, paul. the dry weather has prompted a california lawmaker to take action. an emergency draught
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declaration. he is stressing the dry winter could have serious consequences for the state. the 49er faithful cheer for the players as the team returns to the bay area after yesterday's win over carolina. kpix 5's brian webb is in santa clara where coach harbaugh was in a light mood after his team's win. >> reporter: right, julie. a few players came in to get treatment for their injuries, sign a few autographs, that kind of thing. for the coaches, it was back to work. not harbaugh's favorite thing to do, but today we caught him in a good mood. >> outside of the training facility. racing to the right spot, dodging a few cars to make a score for autographs. >> was it dangerous?
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>> no. it was okay. >> the true pro is randy, collecting autographs since kaepernick was young. >> that is willis. len ramirez is the linebacker. he is one of our main defensive players. >> like the johnny cash man. we have been every where man. >> inside the facility, a news conference hosted by coach harry reid because of the he sang a little song, even cracked a couple of jokes. >> our babysitter had tevoed the game for us. and she took out the trashes can. she is the best. not a lot of babysitterrest would do that. >> but playing seattle sunday is serious business. a superbullet a stake at the loudest stadium in the league. >> that's the loudest, yes. to my ear. i'm older. everything sounds louder to me, i think. >> can we have your autograph. >> scoring autographs may be easier than scoring touchdowns. but like the players and coaches, these fans are dare
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and dedicated and they know a winner when they see one. >> seahawks, they are going down. >> hands down. we got this. go 9ers whew. >> reporter: there was a touching moment at the end offed to's news conference. coach harbaugh said he wouldn't be able to attend his own grandfather's funeral on friday. but he said his grandfather had a great life and will always be with him. >> brian, thank you. a few thousand tickets available for sunday's game sold out within minutes this morning. the seahawks made sure 49er fans in california were blocked from buying tickets from the official website. that angered a lot of people. but you can get tickets through a third party sight such as stub hub. >> it only helps us. obviously, there is no restrictions on stub hub. so if you're a 49er fan feel free to use our site.
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>> you're going to pay for them, though. the cheapest pair going for $884 a pair. that was at 10:00 this morning. 49er fans taking a jab at seahawks fans purchasing an ad. see what it says there. got lombardy? seattle has never won one. fans donated the balance to seattle's children's hospital. seattle fans donated to the ucsf children's hospital. sports director dennis o'donnell will bring us live reports from seattle beginning friday at 5:00. veteran bay area representative george miller is calling it quits after 40 years in congress. the democrat from contra costa cointy served as a leading voice -- county served as a leading voice on education issues. >> i am proud of what i have been able to accomplish for p working people, for children and family, for the environment
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we and our country. but i have no regrets about what i have accomplished and what i have tried to accomplish in the public interest. >> the 68-year-old is fifth on the house of seniority list and is a top adviser to nancy pelosi. miller is one of the last of a group of lawmakers elected in 1974 right after the water gate scandal. he plaid instrumental roles in passing the affordable care act and no child left behind. miller's retirement announcement leaves the seat wide open. state senate was quick to say he is interested in running. currently he represents california's 7th state senate district. the man accused of fatally shooting an 8-year-old at a sleepover in oakland will stand trial. 22-year-old williams is facing murder charges for the death of
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an 8-year-old. an alameda county superior court judge dismissed charges against carol after evidence didn't show he was involved. williams is accused of firing multiple shots in an apartment last july. prosecutors allege that shooting was in retaliation for an earlier murder. judge also ordered williams to stand trial for three counts of attempted murder for the others world series were wounded. a missouri mix up. how did this southwest plane end up at the wrong airport? >> we kind of were pushed forward where we almost hit our heads on the seat in frontous. >> the rough landing just feet away from a cliff. a huge mall unlike any in the u.s. how it's about to put
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an east bay city on the map. >> the giant walmart said no. we can't honor the prescription. why thousands of people trying to the use their new health plan are being left in limbo.
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would target shoppers that as the top spenders. the pacific mall would be b just off 880 and 237 at mccarthy. our ryan takeo tes us about the huge plans that involve hundreds of small s. as it stands today, the mccy ranch marketplace shopping decision in the next couple weeks. the developers a $100 million mall would soon be in the zit bay. >> the maul will be built. our ryan takeo tells us about the huge plan that involves hundredsover small shops.
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>> reporter: as it stands today, the shopping center is pretty empty. 50% of the stores are vacant. the mall is a city planner's dream. >> everybody will be able to see this beautiful building. >> the $2,100,000,000 project includes underground parking and a hotel. the mall will try to play to the air the yager's asian demographic. >> this is one place you would come to. you don't have to make the drive out to san francisco to get that environment. >> around the bay area, there are plenty of these asian scene strip malls like here. but pacific mall says it is going to be one of we a kind in
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the united statess. >> it will be the u.s.'s only indoor asian-themed mall. the only other in north america is in toronto. this youtube clip shows that center inside. the mall will have between 2 and 300 small shops. >> not your typical mall where you have a large an corps such as a sear's or penny. >> julia says it reminds her of back home. >> developers would gladly trade this half empty lot for a breathtaking mall full of tax revenue. ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> developers hope construction starts in 2015 and the mall opens in 2017. first flying popcorn, then billets. the movie theater fight over texting that left a man dead. an octa mom facing jail time. how she is accused of lying while living off the taxpayers' dime. ,,,,
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florida.. where authorities say a man was shot and kill, developing news out of florida where authorities say a man was shot and killed and his wife wounded in this movie theater. apparently, it was a dispute over noisy texting. happened this afternoon near tampa. the suspected shooter, 71-year- old curtis eves is a retired -- reeves has been charged with second degree murder. two southwest pilots won't be behind the controls any time soon after they landed their plane at the wrong airport. the boeing 737 from chicago was supposed to land at the bran son missouri airport last night. instead, touched down several miles away. passengers suspected something was wrong after the rough landing. >> i thought the landing was a little bumpy burns we were kind of pushed forward where we almost hit our heads on the seat in front of us. we were very lucky, indeed,
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especially considering there was a cliff at the end of the runway. >> there certainly was. the pilots have been suspended while the faa investigates. new at 5:00, beast from a slaughter house at the center of a federal investigation is being recalled. inspectors cop verged on the property on friday, but it is unclear why -- converged on property on friday but it is unclear why. it includes ox tails, liver and tripe. we have a complete list on our website four more people have died from the flu in the bay area. two in santa clara county. flu shot providers are ordering extra doses to keep up with the high demand. the white house appears to be having a tough time getting young adults on board with
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obamacare. about a quarter of enrollments were people between that age. 7million people will be enrolled by the end of march, they say. young adults will account for about 40% of that. so far, half a million californians are signed up. but some say they are having problems proving they are enrolled. julie watts on the consumer watch explains. >> these are my copays here and benefits. >> he is not sure he is actually covered. the self-employed cpa was one of the first to sign up back in october. he chose anthem blue cross and made his first payment in december. >> i wanted to make sure there would be enough time to resolve any difficulties. >> but he says so far he hasn't
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received any proof he has a policy. a big problem because he recently came down with the flu. when he tried to fill his prescription, he was forced to pay out of pocket. >> the giant walmart said no. we can't honor your prescription. >> when you're trying to do something of this magnitude, balls will definitely be dropped. >> a business backed public policy organization says thousands are in the same boat with no documentation. >> a lot of it happens because of flexibility that we gave consumers. >> he said the deadline created a huge influx of new customers who all came in at the last minute. >> the insurance companies are throwing all the staff they have at this. >> but he says they can't train people overnight. they say while some may have to pay up front, they are covered and should be reimbursed so
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save your records. >> that's not a problem for this cpa. but what might be, he says his insurance told him his application was lost. >> that would probably give me headaches if i wasn't coughing so much from this darn flu. >> reporter: covered california says if you haven't received documentation, you should first contact your insurer. health care experts tell us at least for now insurerrest will most likely cover people who have paid even if they don't have the policy number. many are willing to cover you, even if you don't have your insurance card yet. the problem is, many don't know if they are in the network with. >> let's hope they do cover. julie, thanks. the octo mom could be heading to jail soon. the mom who became famous after giving birth to eight babies in 2009 is facing welfare fraud charges.
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she allegedly failed to report earning $37,000. if convicted, she could be behind bars for five years. >> wow. i talked to some people who said they saw actual rain. >> was it a spritzer. >> that's all it was. >> reporter: today, 70 degrees. >> wow. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: this is rare. but you know what, mother nature doesn't offer that multiple choice question. so let's just enjoy what she she given us. man, but has it been day. man, was it gorgeous today. we warmed up to 70 degrees in oakland. you're the warm spot by far. san jose 64. already down to the upper 50s in livermore. some of you will be down near freezing overnight tonight. currently san francisco 62. talk about freezing spots.
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primarily the north bay. santa rosa 31. those are the city centers outside of the city. livermore 36. freemont 38 degrees. we have to talk about a football game. san francisco versus seattle coming up on sunday. 3:30 kickoff. that ridge of high pressure will not keep the pacific northwest completely dry. and there will be a chance of showers for that football. go figure. seattle in january. right now, seattle is not getting the rainfall because the storm track isn't in the northwest. it is up close to juno, alaska. it is kind of a traffic jam, if you will. until that low moves, this guy isn't going anywhere. and that impacts our weather. it means our p weather will stay sunny and mild and completely dry. nights will be chilly. record highs tomorrow,
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wednesday and thursday. and not a single chance of rainfall for at least the next 10 days. livermore 70. san jose 69 degrees. we will hit 70 in campbell, redwood city. close to it in san mateo. close to it in walnut creek. 68 in san francisco. 69 in nevada. 70 again in oakland. 73degrees tomorrow in st. helena. wednesday and thursday, just as warm. we will cool off on friday. down to up ther 60s. over the weekend, mid 60s with sunshine. really nice weather to get outside. we have this background noise of draught, draught, draught. that is a sunny and warm forecast for this time of year. >> thank you. this brings a whole new meaning to 49er faithful. >> there is a football game starting in just a few moments. >> how this pastor shook things up when his sunday service started the same time as the
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9ers game. ,,,,,,,,,,
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bakery in fisherman's wharfs known for displaying sourdoh "critters" in its front win. san francisco staple has a case of 49er fever. get a load of that. the head of the nfc championship game, the five foot gator showing off his 49er pride decked out in a patrick willis jersey chomping on, did you see it, a seahawks jersey. higher power may have helped the 49ers seal the deal yesterday. >> a pastor dedicate 0 his sermonover lack thereof to the team. take a listen -- sermon or lack thereof. take a listen. >> there is a football game starting in just a few moments. i am thinking we might have a litling bit of an aprivated service. so if you want to follow with -- abbreviated they are voice. would you all like to be for given for your sins? okay. that's great. you are. >> the passage blew through the message in less than a minute.
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he even did a kaepernick bicep kissing move and pulled open his vest to reveal randy page 9ers t-shirt. this guy knows how important the big game is. his shirt says football first, nap later. >> that's right. send us your best photoest. go to and click the mypics linkens. now for a look ahead of what's on the cbs evening news. >> scott pelly in new york. >> hi allen and julie. great to be with you in the bay area. ed to, alex rodriguez asked the federal judge to overturn his suspension. his chief accuser appeared last night on 60 minutes. we will have more tonight on the cbs evening news. we mr. also have a. >> reporter: from california on the draught that you're suffering in your state pane what's behind it. that and the rest of the world news at 5:30 right after kpix 5
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newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight: people were fed up after two bart strikes. there was a omething about it. i'm ken bastida in the kpix newsroom. new at 6:00, people fed up after those two b.a.r.t strikes. and there was a call to do something about it. how a plan to protect commuters ran straight into one of the biggest roadblocks ever. amid our growing draught concerns, we're going to tell you about a do it yourself water solution. we will talk about that and more coming up tonight at 6:00.
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guys. >> thank you, ken. thanks for watching us. cbs with scott pelly is coming up. >> remember, the news and weather, always on richest player, asks a federal judge to overturn his record doping suspension just hours after his accuser appears on "60 minutes." what were the various banned substances that he was taking? an airliner lands at the wrong airport on a too-short runway. jeff pegues reports. a virus that strikes young children makes a big comeback. dr. jon lapook on where and why. and what's causing california's historic drought? ben tracy says meteorologists may have found the answer-- and it doesn't look good. >> it breaks your heart. it's really sad. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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